Milton Barbarosh

Milton Barbarosh – Many people have heard the name, but how many people actually know who he is? With a passion for finances, Barbarosh is the greatest person you could go to if you are looking for financial advice and guidance.

His History

Milton Barbarosh has been working with finances for more than forty years. He started at KPMG Peat Marwick as an audit senior accountant, where he was responsible for the audits. He then moved on to manage the mergers and acquisitions services at Ernst & Young for three years. He was given the promotion to manager a year after he began his work at this company as he had brilliant expertise and an outstanding level of performance.

After this, Barbarosh began working for The Royal Bank of Canada, again as the manager of mergers and acquisitions. He was responsible for all of the aspects of mergers and acquisitions. Again, Barbarosh moved on and became the president of JW Charles Capital Corp, an investment banking group. To this day, Barbarosh is the president of the Stenton Leigh Group, Inc. This is a financial advisory company that has the capability of merchant banking and works with customers on a daily basis to provide the very best financial advice.

As you can see, Milton Barbarosh has a long history working with finances, with some pretty high-end companies. He is passionate about the work he does and puts everything he’s got into doing the right thing for his customers. With decades of experience, this man is exactly who you need when you’ve got problems with your finances.


There are a variety of services that Milton Barbarosh is qualified to provide. These services include principle investments and asset management; mergers and acquisitions; financial advising; and valuation services. For anything related to finances, it is a brilliant idea for you to go to Milton Barbarosh.

With decades of experience, Milton Barbarosh is the best idea for anyone who needs advice with their finances, from individuals right down to businesses. Thousands of people have previously consulted Barbarosh and had amazing results.

Why to Consult Him

Financial issues can be one of the hardest things anyone ever has to face, especially when they are major problems. In this time of need, you must reach out to someone who is qualified, experienced and understands your case. There is no one better out there than Milton Barbarosh and his team: Stenton Leigh Group, Inc.

Getting financial advice for your company could be the best choice you’ve ever made. It will make life much easier in the short term and the long term and will help you to improve your business.

Mergers and acquisitions can be difficult to handle all on your own when you don’t have a specialist by your side, which is why many people are deciding to go to Barbarosh; he is an expert in mergers and acquisitions and has been for many years, making him the best possible person to contact.